Vodafone India is ripping you off and so are other networks

My personal number, I am using right now, has been with me from more than 8 years and among these 8 years, I was a customer of Vodafone India for around 7 years. My bonding with Voda started way before zoozoos got associated with Vodafone. I was one of the very happy Vodafone customers and I even had good arguments with friends using other networks.

It was all good until Jio was launched and owing to the craze and potential Jio has shown even after 3 months of its inception, I have finally ported to Jio network like all my friends and acquaintances in 2017. Jio has changed the way I used web and various applications, thanks to its crazy speeds and unlimited plans at affordable prices. But slowly the network and the speeds of Jio have started to go down and I faced quite a bit of issues. Even after multiple number of complaints and months of waiting nothing has changed. So, I have decided to move back to Vodafone, who are also offering unlimited plans and super plans just like Jio.

The Problem:

 I ported to Vodafone in October, 2018 and that is where my problems have started. Due to some unknown issue I wasn’t able to use 4G data for almost 2 weeks and that is when I realized how dependent I have become to the internet speeds. Using 3G was a nightmare I never wanted experience. After multiple escalations and visiting multiple Vodafone stores, my internet issue was fixed and I was finally able t use 4G again. But during this process I have learnt a sad fact that this issue is prevalent due to the merger happening between Idea and Vodafone cellular towers.

My problems didn’t stop there, now a new issue of not having network signal has started which was more irritating than the lack of 4G internet. The sudden death of network for a good chunk of time meant I am not connected to some crucial platforms. Calling customer care and raising complaints has become the normal for me.

But my biggest problem started when I realized that my prepaid plan of unlimited calls is actually a false promise. When these network operators promoted that they have unlimited local & STD calling plans, I assumed I can call any mobile or landline in India for free, which has been the case with Jio. Alas, it wasn’t the case with Vodafone, I was charged at an insane rate of Re.1 per minute when I called my bank customer care “18604195555”.


Vodafone Deduction screenshot

I reached out to their customer care but as usually they didn’t help me out and instead they said that the unlimited calling plan is applicable only to call mobile numbers and few landline numbers but not all landline numbers. And when pressed for details they mentioned that any calls made to certain service numbers (bank, in my case) are chargeable. The worst part is none of these are mentioned in their recharge terms & conditions, which says nothing beyond unlimited calls.

What did I do?

I was so fed up that I immediately raised a grievance with consumer forum attaching all valid proofs and clearly mentioned how fraudulent the claims of Vodafone were.


My Complaint against vodafone


After two and half I finally got a reply from Vodafone with insane reasons and worst defense. See the below screenshot especially the lines highlighted, which clearly indicates the arrogance and negligence this company has towards its customers.  And I was neither contacted by call nor email, which they claim.



I believe many of you don’t know this fact that we get charged for calling some numbers. I have asked my friends from other networks to check and this has been the case with all networks except Jio. I’m not ending my fight here and I’ll take it up on any platform that can provide me justice. I would appreciate if you too can join me in raising a collective.

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