Diaries of Karthik - Venom Movie review

VENOM movie review

VENOM movie review: Arousing 1st act, engaging 2nd act and lousy 3rd act makes it an okay watch.

Diaries of Karthik - Venom Movie review

Venom movie starts good and then slowly builds the plot with some drama and some crazy, thrilling action sequences. The buildup was great and it takes the movie to a certain point making us expect a whole lot but then it just falls flat to the ground.

Rather than properly establishing the Venom as a character and the bonding between him & Eddie, the makers just threw it on our faces to swallow. A bit more drama between them and a proper justification for venom’s decision would’ve definitely added value to the movie.

Seems like the change of plans to make the movie child friendly PG-13 instead of adult only “R” had a bad impact on the film. The violence though good in some parts was completely toned down. And even the narrative structure seems completely rushed around the climax.

Final words:

Beyond all the shitty things, especially the 3rd act, Venom movie is definitely worth watching for the 1st one hour and the post credit scene. Mainly the chase scene is gripping and arousing. Don’t leave the seats after movie ends, there is a menacing post credit scene waiting for you. 

Overall, the movie is good in pieces. Tom Hardy delivers yet another great performance both as Eddie Brock and voice of Venom. Though it has a lousy climax, with an amazing post credit scene the movie sets it up greatly for the sequel. Get ready for some Carnage. 😉

Another best part is listening to my favorite rapper Eminem’s song “Venom” on the screen. in case you haven’t heard hit the below link for an awesome and meaningful video:

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