Surprise from Shin Chan & Amazon Prime Video

In brief, Amazon Prime Video delivered one of the best surprises of my life.

On a detailed note, Surprising someone isn’t an easy job, especially, if that surprise was supposed to make them happy. It involves tons of thoughts, loads of planning and lot of efforts. If that someone is your family, friends or your acquaintances, it is a bit easy to plan a surprise as you might know bits and pieces about their personality, their interests and their favorite things.

But what if the person you have to surprise is a stranger? Many people would shit their pants to plan a surprise for people they have known their entire life. So, I can’t even imagine how tough it would be to surprise a stranger and put smile on their faces.

So what happened and what does Amazon Prime Video has got to do with any of this?

Just like the usual, It was another tiring and draining day at work. My 9 hour work day was spent attending a 4 hour long meeting without breaks, followed by another half hour meeting and 2 hour of travelling within the office hours, then an hour of time spent writing minutes of the meeting and few hours writing promotional content. Phew! It was so draining that I felt life leaving my body and a machine taking over.

The usual ending to these kind of days is having food, watching few episodes of Shin Chan or some other series on Amazon Prime. So, while returning from office, all the time driving through the traffic I was only thinking to quickly eat something and get a good night’s sleep.

But surprisingly, someone had a different plan. Someone planned a crazy ending for my day. Few random people planned something that anyone sane wouldn’t expect to happen. See the below image. This package was delivered to my house without any intimation and my initial thought was it was my sister who did it.

Collage of surprise from Amazon Prime Video Team
A surprise from Amazon Prime Video Team

I was wrong!

But no, I was completely wrong. The moment I read the comedy strip, I realized it wasn’t anyone from my family or friends. The comedy strip had a conversation I discreetly had with a cool dude on Facebook and a secret I shared only with him. It was a surprise from Amazon Prime Video India Team. I don’t even know who these people are but their surprise and love swept me off my feet. I was fucking amazed at the amount of planning and efforts that they did to make this.

Just try to imagine this, I’m just another Shin Chan fanboy who comments asking for Seasons 1-4 on any Shin Chan post by Amazon Prime Video and a conversation happened on the same thread (click for the thread and see my comment) led to this surprise of my life. They created a photo frame of Shin Chan saying hi to me, a custom greeting message and a hilarious comedy strip to create a memory of lifetime for me. And then one of their team members took time and delivered this package personally to house. I don’t even have words to appreciate the amount of commitment and efforts these guys have.

Shin Chan Blushing

Mr. V, Mr. S and all the team members behind this – Mwaaahhhh. Love you loads. You don’t know how happy you made me today. All thanks to you guys for making a day that was supposed  to end with a tired face drained mind and gloomy eyes, lit up with energy and happiness.  I almost cried with happiness.  Thank you so much for this sweet surprise and love!

Here’s my reactions for you 😛

My Reactions for Amazon Prime Video surprise
My Reactions for Amazon Prime Video surprise

Kudos for the efforts you guys are taking to put smiles on people’s faces and finding your happiness in their smiles.

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