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Sanju movie review

Sanju movie review: Ranbir Kapoor shines in this faltered, incomplete and unengaging movie.

Sanju movie poster - Sanju movie review

Sanjay Dutt was one of the hot topics in the country for quite a few times for some shit crazy reasons. You could say he’s one of the most controversial actors of his time. He made the headlines many times. Whatever these reasons might be, it was always known that there is his version of the story which wasn’t conveyed.

So, when Sanju Movie was announced, I thought it is going to be one hell of a biopic. Come on man! Imagine how interesting it’ll be to see the biopic of a star hero who was an alcoholic, drug addict, womanizer, illegal arms holder, has links with the underworld, labeled as a terrorist and many many more.

How’s the movie?

But, Rajkumar Hirani failed so badly in narrating such an interesting plot. To be more specific, he failed to chose what to showcase on-screen. The narration was so bad that I failed to connect and sympathize with Sanjay’s character. And like a spoiled cherry on the top of a bad cake, the movie seems like a propaganda just to convey that the hero isn’t a terrorist. I am not sure and I am just guessing that Hirani might not have had the liberty to tell this story as he wanted. I couldn’t find his soul in the movie.

Whatever the reasons might be, I felt the movie isn’t engaging and even it was boring at times. But Ranbir Kapoor delivers yet another mind-blowing, award-worthy performance. There wasn’t a single where I couldn’t see Sunjay He’s one of the greatest actors of this generation.

Watch it only for Ranbir and skip it if you are not in a rush to watch it on screen.

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