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LODGE 49 TV Show Review

Lodge 49 Review - Diaries of Karthik

Lodge 49 is an American comedy drama TV series produced by AMC Studios. Though it is termed as comedy drama, the series transcends beyond the genre labels. It is odd and weird in a really good way and offers loads of fun for those who invest time on it.

It is a show that deals with life, dreams, philosophy, and surrealism through various characters. Entire show is nothing but life of few lead characters slowly progressing through day-to-day activities, yet the charm of writing and narration makes it a very good watch. At times, we get to see ourselves in the characters and at times we get to see the dreams we try to escape into.

Writing & Narration:

It is rare to see shows where writing is sublime and so is the narration. The writing is so good that it feels as if you are watching the characters and their lives in person. Leave aside the good plot and great performances, Lodge 49 intrigue you with its narrative style.

The show starts off on a very different note and sets the tone for the series in the very first episode. And this weirdly funny tone is carried all over the series and the season finale makes you cringe for more.

Performances in Lodge 49:

The entire story revolves around the pivotal character “Sean Dudley (Dud)” played by Wyatt Russell. Complementing the sublime writing, Wyatt breathe life into Dud with realistic performance. As the story progresses, we get to see many transformations in Dud’s character which Wyatt portrayed with ease.

Then there are two other characters, “Ernie Fontaine” played by Brent Jennings and “Liz Dudley” played by Sonya Cassidy, who have their own sub-plots intertwining with Dud’s story. All the lead actors delivered an amazing performance. The performances were so good that you might end up remembering them with their character names.


Overall a good and different show that is written and made really well. Definitely worth the time you spend on it. And also the show is renewed for second season, which makes it a good choice for your watch list.

On a personal note, I really loved the whole show. For me, it is one of the best TV shows of 2018 and it joins my list of all-time favorite shows that are worth watching multiple times.

Comes highly recommended from me. 🙂

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