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  • Vodafone India is ripping you off and so are other networks

    My personal number, I am using right now, has been with me from more than 8 years and among these 8 years, I was a customer of Vodafone India for around 7…

  • Surprise from Shin Chan & Amazon Prime Video

    In brief, Amazon Prime Video delivered a surprise of my life. On a detailed note, Surprising someone isn’t an easy job, especially, if that surprise was supposed to make them happy. It involves tons of thoughts, loads of planning and lot of efforts. If that someone is your family, friends or your acquaintances, it is a bit easy to plan a surprise as you might know bits and pieces about their personality, their interests and their favorite things.

  • Karthik Bathula Blonde Hair

    Family members’ reactions after watching my new hairstyle and color

    Turning my hair blonde has always been on my bucket list. A year ago I tried bleaching my hair in a local saloon but it failed.

    After going through various online websites and articles I understood that coloring the hair blonde is not an easy process and also it is costly plus time taking. Anyways, I have decided to go for it.

    So I went to Jawed Habib and underwent 2 hours tiring yet intriguing process to get the look I have now.

  • Valuable lessons learned in life

    In this world, identity is all that matters. You are identified by your face, your features, your thumbprints, your work, your success, your failures and many more. Physical identities are easy as…

  • Do I really love my mother?

    At times, I get this doubt, do I really love my mother? I never wished her on Mother’s Day. Never bought a gift for her on Mother’s day. Never posted a picture…