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  • Surprise from Shin Chan & Amazon Prime Video

    In brief, Amazon Prime Video delivered a surprise of my life. On a detailed note, Surprising someone isn’t an easy job, especially, if that surprise was supposed to make them happy. It involves tons of thoughts, loads of planning and lot of efforts. If that someone is your family, friends or your acquaintances, it is a bit easy to plan a surprise as you might know bits and pieces about their personality, their interests and their favorite things.

  • Diaries of Karthik- pride, love is love, lgbtq, lgbtqia, lgbtqia community

    Are you humane? Or just another human?

    What will be your answer if I ask you “are you humane?” You might say yes, but I don’t think you are actually humane. Go through this article and see for yourself if you are humane enough to treat other humans as humans.

    Imagine a world where, even though you are a human, everyone, including your family, treats you as a different species. A world where everyone looks down upon you, where your choices are dictated and directed by the accepted majority and dictatorship seems much better. A world where basic human nature is not accepted and you are constantly bullied for something that is neither a mistake nor a choice or a disease but purely a natural phenomenon.

  • Valuable lessons learned in life

    In this world, identity is all that matters. You are identified by your face, your features, your thumbprints, your work, your success, your failures and many more. Physical identities are easy as…

  • Do I really love my mother?

    At times, I get this doubt, do I really love my mother? I never wished her on Mother’s Day. Never bought a gift for her on Mother’s day. Never posted a picture…

  • Life Long Love

    In life every person you meet will leave you with some experience. But sometimes the experience of meeting few people will leave you awestruck. This story is one of those wonderful experiences…