C/O Kancherapalem Movie Myview – Speechless

C/O Kancherapalem Movie My view – Speechless.

Not very frequently you get to see a movie that is perfect in every aspect and leaves you spellbound. C/O Kancherapalem is one such movie.

C/O Kancherapalem deserves to be dissected and showcased in all film schools for the benefit of upcoming filmmakers. Written with utmost care, passion and detailing; complimented by one of the best screenplays in recent, this movie will be an eye-opener for other makers and audience.

The movie is very hard-hitting, emotional and realistic. You laugh, you feel bad, you feel sad – you interact with almost every character on-screen. Almost everyone in the crowd cheering for the lead pair is itself an indication of a successful film.

And beyond the plot, great performances, and perfect output, there are some hard-hitting nuances that make you think about people, life, beliefs, and society.

PERFORMANCES: Who are these people..?? How come they acted, oh sorry! lived in their roles? Each and every character is well cast and we’ll perform..

MUSIC: Oh my Sweekar Agasthi, who are you man?? Where the hell you were all these years..?? Just wow. Your music, your score and the use of new voices are just so perfect.

PHOTOGRAPHY & OTHER TECHNICAL STUFF: Everything is apt, well made and everything is pretty evident on screen.

I can keep writing so much more. The movie deserves all the accolades it is getting. Take a bow Venkatesh Maha. Creating a film of such depth and brilliance with people who aren’t actors is commendable.

Overall: Watch it. Don’t miss it. One of the finest and sweetest films of this year.

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