Aquaman Movie Review

Aquaman Movie Review

Aquaman Movie Review: Surprisingly, it turned out to be a good watch.

Aquaman Movie Review

In the recent years, I don’t remember the last time I came out of a DC movie happily except Wonder Woman. So, when I saw Aquaman getting released, I was pretty sure it will end up bad, given the track record of recent DC films.

I didn’t have any expectations or more precisely I was expecting for a bad CGI fest. So, I was reluctant to book tickets but a sudden jolt of impulse made me watch the film’s premiere.

But, to be honest, I was surprised that the movie turned out to be a good watch. Despite having a very predictable story, cliched, routine scenes and dead rubber performances, the film kept me glued to the screen with engaging narration and action sequences. The film doesn’t waste much time, it jumps straight into the story/genesis of Aquaman and builds upon it. Though predictable, the director doesn’t give you time to think and analyze the scenes with a gripping screenplay. The intriguing action and the underwater world stop us from feeling bored. 

Though the film follows usual DC movie template, we get to see the magic of James Wan at times. Especially the trench sequence is intense and terrifying, taking a leaf out of his horror films. 

To sum it up, Aquaman is a good watch despite many negative aspects. It is that kind of a film where you go, watch, enjoy and forget.

Also there’s not much continuity or linking scenes to other DC universe films, except the mentioning of Steppenwolf in one scene. So, even the non-followers of DC films can happily watch Aquaman movie. 

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